b. 1990, Singapore

Lives and works between NYC and London, UK


2013-2015: MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2009-2013: BA Fine Art, Slade School of Fine Art (UCL), London, UK

Artist Statement

The core of my practice is painting; painting as a standalone medium or as manifest in its various incarnations: collage, drawing, 3D prints, video etc.

In my paintings, I have focused on creating moments where gestures become form, as the fluid dance between light and shadow develop into spaces. Brush marks, inherently, like the nature of light, are fleeting and nebulous and in a perpetual state of becoming. As forms come into being, they quickly shift, transform, dissolve and become again. 

With every addition and subtraction of form and gesture, notions of continuity and discontinuity, visibility and invisibility, solidity and ephemerality, presence and absence are balanced, negotiated and layered through a collage-like process.

The question I ask to myself before and after every painting is: How do we respond to the real, as in nature, in our increasingly artificial, fragmented and flattened digital environment? 

My paintings are not about the narrative. It is about finding a new way of seeing that connects the fragments; as gesture, form and color interact to evoke an awareness of the underlying geometrical relationship, assimilating both the real and the unreal, the organic and the digital. I want to invite my viewers to expand that awareness and feel that they are discovering a new sensibility within themselves.